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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

YSL Creme blushes collection Spring 2011

You will discover that I am a real sucker for blushes...oh and lipsticks... oh and palettes.... Ok well everything that can be applied on the face and is classified as a beauty product.

My last discovery  was after a meeting with a customer in Paris, I walked back to my car and of course there it was .... a small and tiny Sephora. I got in convinced that I would not find anything interesting.... Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! Devil of Make Up had it all planned for me.

And here is a small part of the result :

I know that they came out a long time ago (YSL spring 2011 collection) and that I am late.
However, what I really like about them is that they are really creamy and easy to apply. After applying three dots on each cheek, you still have time to blend them. They don't dry out too quickly.
I usually apply them with my hand.

When it comes to pigmentation, they are good. No need to put too much on.
I would say the only down side is that they are very expensive, more or less 32 € each.

It is a product that I would really recommend if you have some money to spend on a good cream blush.

Thanks for coming and reading!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Goodbye beautiful hair....

There is only one thing in my body that I don't complain about and that I am happy and proud of : my long and curly/wavy hair!!

After living years and years with short hair, I have finally been allowed at 15 years old to let my hair grow and start enjoying having long hair..

I would say that I am not the courageous kind of girl when it comes to cutting and dying. I am the complete opposite.
So anxious every time I go to the hair dresser. I can easily take anything that can help stop a sudden increase of blood pressure each time I go to a hair salon.

As you may already know I just got a baby boy who is almost 7 months old now. It is my second pregnancy so I knew this time would come again...
You know the time where you put your hand in your hair and you end up with a full hand of hair....

I wasn't really looking forward to it as everybody was giving so many compliments during my pregnancy about how my hair was long and shiny and beautiful....
Well this time is definitely over and now I spending my time taking off my falling hair out my boys.

But no, I won't take that as fatality and I have elaborated an action plan to get my healthy hair back.

I have decided to pay a little visit to Furterer in Paris where they offer a special treatment for post pregnancy damaged hair.
There I will buy some special treatments, I am sure and that will of course cost me at least my left arm.

Then I will keep on using my Morroccan Oil hair products convinced that they have a good effect on my hair.

And last but not least, as soon as my hair recover, I will go for a darker color. But I guess, to get there, I have plenty of time to think about it.

Any suggestions about the color ?