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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Moving ... Update

As I have already mentioned it before, I have just moved into a new house in a new town...
Many changes lately and I have to admit that I have a hard time to getting used to them.

In the beginning I thought, all those changes would be harder for my son (taller one, almost 4)... I was soooo wrong.
What is annoying is that I have more space than before, the house is gorgeous and I have already spent time on decorating the guests room.

I was talking to my neighbor today and he also admitted that he had never lived in a house before (same for me) and that after 4 months, he was just getting used to it.

This place is the dream place I have always dreamt of and I guess, it takes time to start over and have some kind of routine.

Most interesting topic is that I will finally have enough room to do a kind of make up room/dressing (like the one in SATC2 : Only part of the movie that I will remember during the rest of my life...).

I will definitely post regularly some update here on how this project moves forward.

Thanks for visiting and take care of yourself.

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